Tricia Cox

Former Vice Chairman

Tricia Cox’s family connection with the Newsboys Foundation goes back more than a century. Tricia’s father, grandmother and great-grandmother all served at board or committee level with Newsboys.

From 1914, Mrs John Murray, Tricia’s maternal great-grandmother, was on the committee of the City Newsboys’ Society (a precursor of the Newsboys Foundation). She was with the Society until at least 1923.

From 1944 to 1956, Tricia’s paternal grandmother, Mrs W. S. Cox, was on the committee of management of the Society.  Mrs Cox then became a vice president of the Society, serving until her death in 1966.

From 1966, Tricia’s father, Mr Murray Cox, joined the committee of management of the Melbourne Newsboys Club. Mr Cox became president of Newsboys in 1973. He held the position until 1995.

“I was extremely proud to follow my father, grandmother and great-grandmother onto the Newsboys Board and to build on their combined years of service as Board members,” Tricia says.

Tricia joined the Newsboys Foundation Board in 2001, and served as Vice Chairman from 2006 until June 2014. Tricia retired from the board at the end of June 2014. She remains a member of the Newsboys Foundation.

Tricia brought more than 40 years marketing experience to the board, having held senior positions in Australia’s largest advertising agencies managing accounts such as Telstra, Volvo, Phillips, BP and BHP, as well as holding senior marketing positions in Bendigo Bank, Australian Tourist Commission and the Gas and Fuel Corporation.