A girl with a violin, dreaming on a farm. A café in Collingwood, getting young people to believe in themselves again. An Indigenous leader using education to create the next generation of leaders. A survivor of domestic violence riding his motorbike to school where he is a lawyer for secondary students. A young woman who could be a future prime minister but has decided, for now, to become a dentist. An American-born educational visionary shaking up how to work with traumatised young people and help them learn. A Sudanese student who somehow found cricket as a way to fit into a new country. A school that’s preparing hearing impaired students for work. This wild, diverse mix of people share a desire for the world to be a better place; a burning ambition to better themselves and help those around them. Places and organisations where those experiencing disadvantages in life can breathe, be supported, be cared about, be educated and set on their path. Another thing they share is assistance from the Newsboys Foundation including financial support, access to networks and enthusiasm for their work. Newsboys started 125 years ago, established to protect, nurture, educate and nourish the hungry, vulnerable boys who lived dangerously on the streets of Gold Rush Melbourne, selling newspapers and living by their wits. While the faces of young people needing support endlessly varies, Newsboys’ mission has not. We continue to seek out those who are working to make a difference, to lend a helping hand to young people who need it most. Newsboys Foundation works within the community, creating collaborations and opportunities to help young people and grassroots heroes of today do good in the world. We continue to be inspired by the people we work with and young people who take up each opportunity to make their lives better. As we look beyond our 125th anniversary, no one can know how the world will change. We do know that young people will always need support and a sense of belonging. Newsboys’ track record shows we are up for the challenge. Sandy Shaw Zich Zichy-Woinarski QC CEO Chairman Contents Creating leaders of the future 3 Coffee to the rescue 4 How Akat met The Queen 7 Meet the young leader 8 The education revolutionary 11 Emma’s Bach story 14 The schoolyard lawyer 17 The life skills café 18 Newsboys timeline 20 Newsboys by numbers 22 Thank you 23 Help support young Victorians 24 Celebrating 125 years of Newsboys Thanks to all those individuals and organisations who shared their stories and helped make this Newsboys Foundation 125 Years publication possible. Cover photo: Emma Amery, photograph by Meredith O’Shea