b'We went to Newsboys because we wanted that expertise and experience in making sure that our money would be used effectively. The science and results behind the Ocean Mind program meant it was irresistible.Mark Duncan, Gruppetto FundRachael emphasises that the Newsboys Foundation hasWhen we were discussing who we wanted to support played a central role in Ocean Minds success. In fact,this year, Sandy said there was an organisation called without sage advice from Newsboys CEO Sandy Shaw earlyOcean Mind and the work they are doing is just fantastic, on, the organisations surfboards may well be gatheringMark said. As a kid growing up, my sports were always dust in a garage somewhere. water based so I loved the idea of a surfing program. Thematically, I was attracted and drawn to it but when I We were connected from the very first year of Oceanlooked at the science and results they were generating Mind, Rachel recalled. Sandy didnt just fob me off as afrom their work, I found it too compelling to walk past. tiny little organisation that they wouldnt support. Instead,When you look at the idea of what theyre doing and the she told me what I needed to do, and what was requiredscience that backs their results, how could you not support to get to a place where Newsboys could support us. Thatit? As we got to meet Rachael as well, we understood that guidance and advice got us to a place where we could thenthe program is in really good hands and hasbe worthy of support. amazing potential. The other vital assistance Newsboys has provided OceanOcean Mind chair Sean OReilly said that such Minds over the organisations five years of beachcraft is aintroductions had been invaluable for his organisation. connection to other powerful supporters.From my point of view, Sandy has been a really strong Sandy has put us into so many positive and importantsupporter of Rachael, in particular, and the Ocean Mind places, Rachael said. It was Newsboys who introducedstory. Shes connected us to SVP, the Gruppetto Fund and us to the Gruppetto Fund, and also to Social Venturesother important people weve had relationships with. Partners Melbourne. SVP has super charged our BoardObviously, we value Newsboys funding but more than and the governance piece around what we do and how tothat, I think we value their ability to connect us and quantify it. Theyre an amazing team and just so helpfulhelp us through. I mean, times havent been easy for with their advice and skills. philanthropists over the last 12 or 18 months and I know The Gruppetto Fund is dedicated to supportingNewsboys has really made an effort to support Ocean Mind organisations that use sport, education or the arts tothrough that period, even when theyve maybe had to make assist young people to break the cycle of disadvantage andsome tough decisions themselves. We really recognise achieve their potential. Born from a love of cycling and anthat support.admiration for how cyclists work hard to get everybodyNick Placeacross a finish line, founder and chair Mark Duncan said he formed a partnership with Newsboys after meeting Sandy and being so impressed by her knowledge of the philanthropic space and the various organisations doing work across Victoria. Having mastered running events, networking and raising money, the Gruppetto Fund decided to partner with Newsboys for recommendations on how to best spend their funds.NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 20219'