b'LIVE4LIFEBernard Galbally with Isabella Lane, a member of the Live4Life Crew (Photo: Meredith OShea)Heres an example of Live4Life at its best.Trained in what to do and when, the teacher stepped in and reached out to the struggling boy who admitted he With yet another pandemic lockdown looming in Victoriahad been considering harming himself, or worse. The early in 2021, a Year 12 boy in a rural community thatconversation led to him accepting help and care. had started implementing Live4Life in the previous year, started to worry about a classmate, who was showingLife4Life CEO Bernard Galbally tells this story with signs of not coping. satisfaction and pride, and the emphasis that such a smooth intervention was only possible because Live4Life Number one, the caring friend knew what not copinghad been embedded in that rural community. It had looked like. He had a trained eye for the signs and askedalready become ingrained in the language and habits of his mate is if he was okay, using careful language andeverybody from schoolkids to councils, health workers questions taught in the mental health training provided byto police, so that everybody was ready to divert that Live4Life.potentially tragic moment.Number two, he then reached out to a teacher who heIn a way, Live4Lifes ultimate goal would be to put itself knew was versed in Live4Lifes techniques for noticingout of existence because its tested and proven methods struggling youths. He and the teacher spoke the sameof supporting vulnerable youth had become core to the language of care, knew what questions to ask and signs touniversal care across Victoria and Australia.be concerned about. 6NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2021'