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During her 58-year association with Newsboys, Edith Onians ensured the Newsboys Club (as it was then) kept up with changes in education, changes in the pressures on young people and developments in educational methods, even going so far as to take overseas study trips. For more than 120 years, education and helping children and young adults stay engaged with their education has been at the heart of what Newsboys does. Edith Onians, and all those who worked with her, improved the lives of thousands of children, who went on to make significant contributions to society. Newsboys, which became a foundation in 1973, continues that tradition and is constantly seeking new ways to help each new generation of young people. This year we launched a multi-year partnership with Hands On Learning and Social Venture Partners to help as many young people as possible finish their education. Hands On Learning works closely with young people who do not fit the traditional academic model of education and who are, therefore, in danger of becoming disengaged. Ultimately, they are at risk of leaving school early with their confidence shattered and their potential curtailed. Newsboys is providing funding stability through a multi-year grant, Social Ventures Partners is providing expertise and ideas, and Hands On Learning will expand its education program, which has grown from 20 schools in 2012 to 70 schools in 2016. Newsboys is proud to support Hands On Learning in its mission to reach more schools, engage with many more young people and help change even more lives for the better. Yet Hands On Learning is just one of the many organisations with successful outcomes as a result of Newsboys’ help. In partnership with Berry Street over the past four years, Newsboys helped the development of an education model that raised the academic standards of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Newsboys provided the initial grant in 2012 to enable the Berry Street Education Model to be developed at the Berry Street School. The following year, Newsboys supported the model to be trialled, over 12 months, at two mainstream schools. An evaluation by the University of Melbourne showed that the trial had achieved some outstanding results. Student wellbeing increased significantly and there was an 87 per cent decrease in student suspensions. Four years later, the Berry Street Education Model, has proven so successful that it has been rolled out in a range of schools around the nation and an alumni program is being developed. These results from the Hands On Learning and the Berry Street initiatives would, I’m sure, have delighted Edith Onians. Meanwhile, our existing grant recipient partners have gone from strength to strength. I congratulate all of our grant recipients for the excellent work they do with young people. I continue to enjoy working at the Newsboys Foundation very much and I am fortunate to be helped in my work by a range of exceptional people. My sincere thanks to Zich Zichy-Woinarski QC, the Newsboys Foundation Chairman for his outstanding support; Penny Campbell, Vice Chairman; Michelle Collins, Treasurer; Deryk Stephens, Chairman of the Audit Committee; John Warner, Chairman of the Investment Committee; and Directors: David Coombes; Keith Gillett and Ann Robinson. It is a pleasure to work with all our directors. My special thanks to Wayne Bunte who retired as a Director on 26 November 2015. Wayne was connected to Newsboys since 1957 initially as a Newsboys Club member. I enjoyed Wayne’s stories about days gone by at the Newsboys Club and I have appreciated Wayne’s input into the Foundation through his role as a Director. I am pleased that Wayne will continue as a member of the Newsboys Foundation. My thanks also to Lata Phoenix, the Newsboys Foundation part-time executive assistant for her excellent work and support. Farewell and thank you to Wendy Marris who provided an excellent accountancy service for the past eight years and a warm welcome to Jennifer Edwards. As always, thanks to our generous donors to the Newboys Foundation Trust; Betty Amsden AO, my dear friend and mentor; Seamus Bradley, our communications and media guru; Philip Campbell, our talented designer; Ben Gray, our IT expert; Gina Fiske, our wonderful volunteer; and to Trevor Jack and Stephanie Exton, our brilliant and generous database designers. Sincere thanks also to Ian Warner from Baillieu Holst; and Simon Trivett, partner at Grant Thornton and his audit team led by Loretta Chung. I greatly value your professional input into Newsboys’ work. I salute all the young people of Victoria who take up each opportunity to make their lives better and thank all those who support our young people to thrive. Sandy Shaw 9 September 2016