10 NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2017 GRANTS THE ALANNAH & MADELINE FOUNDATION Children Ahead Program Children Ahead provides intensive support for children and young people to assist with their recovery from significant trauma or violence. More than 300 children have been supported through a fully integrated approach that helps them regain confidence in themselves and the world around them. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation wants to see that every child affected by family violence or violent crime can rebuild their lives, complete their education, and develop the skills they need to thrive. The program also places an emphasis on connecting each young person to their community in order to build their resilience. Newsboys support will enable 30 young people aged 11-18 to be helped through the program. amf.org.au ANAM Community ANAMates Membership Program Newsboys Foundation is helping provide ANAMates memberships and subscription concert tickets to Anglicare Victoria, Melbourne Youth Orchestras, West Melbourne Schools Orchestra and Western Chances. The aim is to enable young people from each organisation to attend a range of music concerts, master classes, rehearsals, seminars and other events throughout 2017. Special events are also organised to enable the young people to meet and talk with musicians throughout the year in order to inspire the young people, build their confidence and encourage them to envisage and create their own future. anam.com.au ANGLICARE VICTORIA Taking Flight Taking Flight strengthens young people’s engagement with education and training, improves their life skills and their physical and mental health. The project also aims to lift their aspirations for a meaningful life. With Newsboys support, the Wimmera- based project brings together a network of 30 partner organisations including local schools, community, education, arts, music, sport, and Indigenous groups to provide young people with training, support and broader life experiences. Experiential learning including the Hike to Higher Education on Maria Island in Tasmania and excursions to Melbourne are a feature of the program and help to expand the horizons of young people. At the request of local elders, Taking Flight has also established an Indigenous youth leadership academy based on the Taking Flight model which is improving participants’ school engagement and helping them gain leadership skills. anglicarevic.org.au “The Hike to Higher Education really taught me not to be afraid of trying new things. I have always had an issue with putting myself out there with people I don’t know, and I discovered that I just needed to find courage.” ARENA THEATRE COMPANY East Gippsland Schools Workshop Program Arena Theatre Company has worked with school students in East Gippsland since 2014. A digital technology and performance workshops program was developed to deliver inspiring, high- quality, immersive arts experiences to students in East Gippsland who experience geographic and social barriers to access. Workshops take place on a school day, with Arena’s artists working with 25 students in each school to create a new performance. The workshop culminates in students performing their creative work for the school community. The 2017 program is the largest to date with Arena visiting 13 partner schools across a four-week tour from 16 October to 10 November 2017. About 1300 students will be engaged in the project. arenatheatre.com.au Arena Theatre Company Anglicare Victoria