NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2017 13 GRANTS DOXA YOUTH FOUNDATION University Pathways The University Pathways Program is designed to enable Victorian secondary students from disadvantaged schools prepare for a tertiary education and a professional career. The four-year initiative builds life skills and immerses students in university living and the world of work. Students visit university campuses and engage in conversations with a range of industry professionals about working life. Starting in year 9, the program provides step-by-step support through years 10, 11 and 12. After three years of funding from the Newsboys Foundation, the first cohort of Year 12 students graduated from the program in 2017. The students were equipped with practical skills and knowledge to successfully navigate their transition to further education and employment. GUIDE DOGS VICTORIA Teenage Guide Dog Training Ten teenagers aged 13-17 living with blindness or low vision are participating in the development of a Teenage Guide Dog Program. The program will increase young people’s social and physical inclusion, wellbeing and preparedness to become Guide Dog users. The Teenage Guide Dog Program will enable Guide Dogs Victoria to offer, for the first time, specialist training for the placement of Guide Dogs with clients under the age of 17. HELPING HOOPS Helping Hoops Future Helping Hoops Future is a free weekly basketball program held every Wednesday at Victoria University in Footscray for 30 young people aged 15-21. A basketball coach runs the program and is supported by a group of volunteers. Young people from diverse cultural backgrounds participate in the program, which is participation-based and focuses on social outcomes rather than athletic performance. Helping Hoops Future builds trust, promotes social inclusion, develops teamwork skills and encourages young people to complete their education. “Basketball takes me away from everything that’s going on in the world. It just helps me calm down.” DOXA Youth Foundation Helping Hoops