Newsboys Foundation (A Company Limited by Guarantee) ABN 19 004 239 374 Board of Directors Zich Zichy-Woinarski QC — Chairman Penny Campbell — Vice Chairman Michelle Collins — Treasurer David Coombes Keith Gillett Ann Robinson Deryk Stephens John Warner Staff Sandy Shaw — Chief Executive Officer / Company Secretary Lata Phoenix — Executive Assistant Contents Chairman’s Review 2 Chief Executive Officer’s Report 3 Newsboys Foundation Vision 4 Newsboys Foundation Awards 5 Yalari 6 STREAT 8 Hands On Learning and Social Venture Partners 9 Grants 10 Newsboys Foundation Board of Directors 21 Newsboys Foundation Directors’ Report 25 Newsboys Foundation Financial Report 28 Newsboys Foundation Trust Financial Report 36 Contact 40 NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2017 1 Front cover: Images show, clockwise from top Guide Dogs Victoria, STREAT, Helping Hoops at a Tigers game hosted by the Richmond Football Club