16 NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2017 GRANTS OPEN HOUSE Remote Youth Outreach Centre Open House is establishing a Youth Outreach Centre in West Heidelberg to reach out to disadvantaged youth in their own community. Support and positive recreational programs will be provided for young people to help them address a range of complex issues in their lives. openhousecic.org.au PHUNKTIONAL The Second Story – Building Social Cohesion Through the Arts The Second Story is a partnership project between Robinvale P-12 School, Robinvale District Health Services, Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-operative, Mallee Sexual Assault Unit and Phunktional to engage young people from Robinvale in a range of creative arts activities that lead to positive education, health and wellbeing outcomes. Phunktional will work with local emerging artists and deliver arts workshops to young people resulting in theatre performances and two youth- created films. www.phunktional.org.au POLYGLOT THEATRE North Frankston Legacy Project Polyglot continued their work in Frankston North with students from Mahogany Rise Primary School and Monterey Secondary College. The project builds upon an existing six-year relationship with the schools and young people. Students from years 5, 6, 7 and 8 have been involved in the project. In term 4, 2016 Polyglot worked with the students to create a show called Outer Bounds in the local reserve, where the kids made bush cubbies, costumes and songs, and worked with a Ranger to become guides and experts in their own piece of wilderness. In term 3, 2017 Polyglot and the students made All Together – a film and performance that showed the imagination and independent vision of the students as they made the move from primary to secondary school. polyglot.org.au Polyglot Theatre Phunktional