18 NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2017 GRANTS STREAT Bowen Street Café In April 2017 Newsboys made a special 125th Anniversary Grant to STREAT. The multi-year grant continues through Newsboys 125th year next year and ends in 2019. The special grant will help STREAT, which is a social enterprise that supports young people who are homeless, run the Bowen Street Café at RMIT in the CBD. STREAT supports and trains young people in the skills necessary to thrive in the hospitality industry. streat.com.au THORNBURY HIGH SCHOOL Making a Musical Difference Thornbury High School is very multicultural, with about 40 ethnic groups represented, including students from the Middle East and Africa. It also has the highest number of Koorie students at a Melbourne metropolitan secondary school. Thornbury High School has expanded its musical education program to ensure that all year 7 students (about 190) can participate. With Newsboys support, additional instruments were bought so that students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds have access to an instrument and can pursue their interest in learning to play music. Seven concert bands of year 7 students have been formed as a result. www.thornburyhs.vic.edu.au “I never really thought about learning the trumpet before. But now that I’ve tried it, I love it! I want to keep learning more.” STREAT Thornbury High School