b'STREATSTREATPigeons coo and the sun filters through vines that hanga prison and a school, but there was also that pesky sedately over the retro industrial windows and red brickspandemic when jails were in extreme and extended of the buildings faade. Large market umbrellas providelockdown to protect those within. shade for the outdoor courtyard tables as customers dig into a delicious menu, featuring a haloumi and chickpeaFinally, in late 2022, with the financial support of the salad, pulled pork milk roll with BBQ mayo, or gnocchi a Newsboys Foundation, the Parkville STREAT caf is la Sorrentina. buzzingmaking great food and providing holistic support and the beginnings of a dream of a better future for young Just another carefully curated and perfectly deliveredpeople.inner city caf, not far from Princes and Royal parks, but with one important difference: this STREAT caf,Despite the caf and the youth prisons being locked down supported by the Newsboys Foundation, is an innovativefor much of the last three years, 10 young people have partnership with the Department of Justice and thealready undertaken training at the Parkville STREAT caf. Department of Education that provides training andRebecca is thrilled that the project is taking shape. This is employment opportunities for young people preparing toa gateway out, not just to caf work but to green jobs, she leave custody.explained. We have professional, experienced caf staff here to run the caf who train youth who do the six-week Young men and women from the youth justice precincts doprogram. an intensive six-week supported work-readiness program at the caf, gaining real skills in a real business with realSTREATs Youth Programs team provides weekly tailored customers. All at that high Melbourne standard, and in awork-readiness support, and facilitate a smooth transition cool retro caf environmentthis is no charity case cafe!to STREATs community program which has guaranteed job opportunities for graduates. The Youth Programs STREATs resident visionary, CEO and co-founder RebeccaTeam also provides holistic help and referrals for housing, Scott explains that the Parkville STREAT caf has beensocial, mental health, legal, drugs and alcohol, and other years in the making. Its not only the practical logisticshurdles a young person might face as they look to re-enter of trying to establish a public caf in partnership withthe world.8NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2022'