b'NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORSLeft to right, back row: Michelle Collins, Deryk Stephens, David Coombes, Zich Zichy-Woinarski KCAnn Robinson, John WarnerChairman Left to right, front row: Sandy Shaw, Zich Zichy-Woinarski KC,Penny CampbellW. Brind Zichy-Woinarski KC (known as Zich) joined theInset: Rupert Sherwood (top) Jeffrey Olsen (middle)Newsboys Foundation board in December 1991. Clementine Hay (bottom)He has been chairman of the Newsboys board sincePenny Campbell December 2009 and has also served on the FoundationsVice ChairmanAudit Committee and Investment Committee. He has been a director of the Newsboys Foundation Trust since May 2013. Penny Campbell has been on the board of the Newsboys Zich, a barrister, was admitted to practice in April 1970 andFoundation since December 2007 and has been a director was appointed Queens Counsel in 1987. He brings a wealthof the Newsboys Foundation Trust since May 2013. She has of legal experience to his role with the Foundation. been Vice Chair since June 2014.Zichs legal work includes a murder case that determinedPenny brings more than 30 years experience as an educator the border of Victoria and New South Wales and work asto the board. Her understanding of young people, their junior counsel for Lindy and Michael Chamberlain in theneeds and how to best nurture their growth is an invaluable Morling Inquiry into their convictions. asset to the Foundation. Zich has been a member of the Victorian Bar Council,Penny has worked in both government and private schools Junior Vice President and a member of the executive, heand her philosophy has been guided by the Reggio Emilia was Chairman of the Ethics Committee for six years, wasapproach to education. The approach values the individual a founding member and secretary of the Criminal Barchild as strong, capable, resilient and rich in wonder and Association and later its chairman and is an honorary lifecuriosity.member of the Criminal Bar Association. Zich was appointedPenny has helped other charitable organisations, including to the board of the Australian Ballet School in May 2017. as a volunteer with Very Special Kids, working with children Zich was introduced to the work of the Newsboyswho have life threatening conditions and providing support Foundation after he became a member of the Board ofto the childrens family members.Management of Try Youth and Community Services in 1972, a position he held until 2008.18NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2022'