b'SOCIAL VENTURE PARTNERS GRUPPETTO FUNDThe long-time partnership between Newsboys FoundationIm not sure where we would be without Newsboys, says and Social Venture Partners Melbourne is a Hall of FameMark Duncan, chair of the Gruppetto Fund, a still relatively example of a symbiotic, successful relationship. From annew but very active fundraising partner of the Newsboys original Memorandum of Understanding dated DecemberFoundation. 14, 2015, the partnership has blossomed into an evolving,Its one thing to find a charity to support but its another multi-faceted and deeply trusting meeting of skills andto have a deep conviction about what that charity does, and passion. the impact theyand youare having.The relationship with Newsboys has been simply terrificMark was talking about the Gruppetto Funds support for SVP and for the charities we work with, one of SVPsin 2022 for Boys to the Bush, on the recommendation of founding partners, Wayne Saunders, reflected.Sandy Shaw, Newsboys CEO, who saw the potential match SVP chair Penelope Lewin added, Its such a strongbetween the rural not for profit and the Gruppetto leaders.partnership, built on years of working together and ourIt would be fair to say the match has worked out, for complementary ways of working. Its not about Newsboyseverybody involved.or SVP, its about the impact on the community. I think our aligned goals to increase the capacity and capabilities inWhen we established the Gruppetto Fund, we were quite the organisations we work with means we have a nicelyclear about the kind of communities we wanted to support, aligned view of what we want to achieve. which was disadvantaged and underprivileged children. Asked to pinpoint the magic underlying the partnership,We knew we were going to raise money but we didnt have Wayne immediately mentioned trust. A key part ofthe expert means to identity where we should place that the ongoing success is SVPs faith in Newsboys CEOmoney, which is why we teamed up with Newsboys.Sandy Shaw to point them in the right directions, as theyLast year, the Newsboys Foundation Trust Board in look to impart not just donations but also experience,partnership with Gruppetto, supported Ocean Mind, strategic advice, governance support and all the otherassisting kids in the Geelong and Surf Coast area with vital business aspects that can make a not for profitsurf-based support. In 2022, Newsboys and Gruppetto enterprise sustainable as well as successful. broadened to also fund Boys to The Bush and Mark is Sandy has been able to pinpoint organisations she mightthrilled with how things have unfolded. know about that need the specific assistance we offer,When we looked at what Boys to the Bush were doing and Wayne said. If she says she thinks they could use ourthe kids they were supporting, it was exactly in our lane help, the strike rate is pretty close to 90 per cent. I thinkof what we are looking to do. So we engaged with them Sandy has been able to see the benefit for organisationsand, honestly, the organisation, the quality of the people, that Newsboys supports, and we have always recognisedthe work they are doing, the results they are getting are Newboys fantastic reputation, connections andamazing. (See separate story)relationships in the sector. Because of how we work, we can be really honest about how we think organisations canThe Gruppetto Fund raises most of its money at a big improve themselves and I think Sandy appreciates that wecycling-based lunch in Melbourne and at a boardroom can bring that frankness. dinner in Sydney each year. This year was a huge success, in terms of high-profile guests and donations. As well as Im really grateful for the partnership, Penelope said.collecting more than $100,000, some of the famous guests Both Newsboys and SVP have this goal to have truehave now privately become involved in Boys to the Bush impact. We both ask: why are we here? Were not hereactivities, just adding to the feel-good ripples.just to keep busy, and neither is Newsboys. Mark said, We were thrilled with the success of our Nick Place luncheon, both in terms of the number of attendees and the funds raised. In fact, because we were so successful, weve been able toin partnership with the Newsboys Foundation Trustfund Boys to the Bush and continue supporting Ocean Mind. We continue to really believe in them and what they are doing so it was great to consolidate that support as well. Its all reinforced our brand, as a fairly new fund, and has validated the time and resources our people have put into this.Nick Place12NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2022'