b'BOYS TO THE BUSHBoys to the Bush (Photo: Meredith OShea)The bottom line in philanthropy is impact. How do youin these kids lives is people like us who can connect with know that all the work, effort, fundraising and programsthem, Adam said. A lot simply dont have people in their an organisation might produce have tangibly made alives to connect with, or their adults are unable to support difference to the people or communities they intend tothem because of issues they have going on.support?Established in 2017, BttB has a strong foothold in New The co-founder and CEO of Boys to the Bush (BttB), AdamSouth Wales and is now spreading across Victoria, with DeMamiel, doesnt seem to sweat much on this issue.support from the Newsboys Foundation. Before this year, Within three weeks of his organisation establishing itselfroughly 2,500 youths had exposure to BttBs work, but in Bathurst, NSW, his local team leader saved a teenageexpansion has accelerated and this year, 5,000 kids will boys life after receiving an out-of-hours phone call.have been touched in some way. Adam says that includes That saved boy is now working for the Boys to the Bushcommunity days and other such events, and points to a organisation, training up as a mentor and potential socialmore essential figure: more than 1,000 youths in BttBs worker.intensive programs, including one-on-one mentoring, accommodation and other committed support. This story is one of many Adam can reel off at a moments notice. BttBs work is deceptively simple but can beThe support of the Newsboys Foundation has been central literally life and death. Its leaning in to offer mentoring,to the not-for-profit enterprises success and expansion. guidance and genuine practical support to youths whoNewsboys supported us with some funding, but its more otherwise have bleak prospects and nobody else in theirbeen the introductions to other philanthropic organisations corner. When youre talking about families where childrenor corporate leaders, Adam said. Newsboys has provided are caged, or daughters are prostituted out, or parents aregreat credibility for us because it has been around for in jail for murder, this is the deep end of life. Whats scarysuch a long time and is so respected. Knowing Newsboys is the normality with which these kids talk about theseis on our team carries some weight when we go to talk to things, Adam said. He and his team look such childrenpeople.in the eye and offer an alternative, a life away from such horrors.One of those organisations was the Gruppetto Fund, looking to expand its philanthropic support at Newsboys Mostly, BttB conveners simply convince the kids that theydirection (see separate story). Chair Mark Duncan said BttB care. That can make all the difference. The missing linkappealed as a partner right away. They (BttB) do a lot 6NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2022'