b'Boys to the Bush (Photo: Meredith OShea)of work with kids from the juvenile justice system and ofthese youths needed more constant, determined and the kids they work with, the reoffending rate is less thanconsidered support, BttB now has almost 100 staff in one per cent. For us, thats just a remarkable stat andsix locations, with more on the way. Roughly a quarter a remarkable bit of evidence that what they are doing isof the organisations workforce identify as First Nations fantastic. Its startling. people, not by design, just by the nature of what is being attempted. A large cohort of boys helped are Indigenous Even though its a new relationship with Boys to the Bush,youths from regional and rural backgrounds, making the money we provided has funded a good part of theirthem statistically the worst for educational outcomes, start-up in Wangaratta so there is a direct line to whereemployment, mental health and incarceration rates. our money is being used, which we like to be able to see and celebrate. BttB has embraced Indigenous art, design, storytelling and culture wherever possible, for all participants, and BttB has a deceptively knock-about community face whichcontinues to invest in education and training for staff belies the rigour and deliberately strategic work goingalong these lines just because it feels right that part of the on in the background to ensure expansion and programsjourney for every BttB participant should be learning what are sustainable. Theres a lot of complexity to what we docountry theyre on, what the local totems are and other in the background but the principle of Boys to the Bushsuch important knowledge.is simple, Adam explained. What we do is connect. We work on the problem facing each child, not all the otherAdam admits to still being emotionally affected when he stuff around it. Being involved with Newsboys and otherrealises how much some children have come to rely on him charitable partners means we can do things our way, notand his crew, even if they would never show it or say so. rely on government and be subject to all its stipulations. When we establish ourselves in a new community,The bottom line is that everybody needs belief and respect absolutely everything we do is with the kids best intereststo thrive, including Adam. As he said, I can see Newsboys in mind because we know we cant just fail, pack up and letbelief in us and what we are doing and that they are here a kid down for the thousandth time in their life. for the journey. That means a lot because the kids needus for the long haul.From humble, almost accidental beginnings when holiday camp discussions with troubled youths led Adam andNick Placeco-founders Richard Leahy and Tim Sanson to realise NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 20227'