b'NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORSMichelle CollinsClementine Hay Treasurer DirectorMichelle Collins has been on the board of the NewsboysClementine Hay has been on the board of the Newsboys Foundation and a member of the Audit Committee sinceFoundation since April 2021.June 2015. She became Treasurer of the Foundation in December 2015. She was appointed to the Newsboys Foundation Trust in December 2021.A Chartered Accountant, Michelle was familiar with the Foundation having worked on Newsboys FoundationClementine is passionate about creating opportunities to audits for some years in her previous role within Audit andenable young Victorians to achieve their potential.Assurance at Grant Thornton.Clementine has a strong background in finance, banking, Michelle is Senior Financial Accountant at the Greaterproblem-solving, strategic planning, leadership, coaching Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and brings over and stakeholder management.15 years experience from a range of industries inShe works with National Australia Bank (NAB) in the role of commercial and not-for-profit organisations. Head of Small Business Health/GEC South.Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of CommerceDuring the pandemic Clementine and her team worked hard with major studies in Indonesian/Malay and Accountingto provide support to individuals and businesses struggling from La Trobe University and is a member of the Institute ofwith the impacts of COVID. Chartered Accountants.COVID impacted families, businesses and the economy and David Coombes she worked in one of many teams of bankers who were Director looking to see how they could assist their clients access support.David Coombes has been a director of Newsboys FoundationClementine holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of since June 2010 and has been a director of the NewsboysBusiness from Monash University and is studying for Foundation Trust, which receives donations on behalf of theher Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Architecture at the foundation, since May 2013. University of Melbourne.David is a lawyer with more than 40 years experience. He specialises in taxation law.While growing up, he was a newspaper delivery boy, delivering the morning papers to South Yarra and Toorak.David joined Newsboys to help the Foundation assist young people to further their education, stabilise their lives and provide opportunities to develop their careers.David is a partner at Gadens Lawyers, a member of the Tax and Revenue Committee at the Law Institute of Victoria, anda member of the Taxation Institute of Australia.Davids qualifications include: LLB (Bachelor of Laws), M Tax (Masters of Taxation) and CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser).NEWSBOYS FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 202219'