Outer Urban Projects

The Newsboys Foundation has been collaborating with Outer Urban Projects since OUP’s inception in 2012. OUP is a community arts organisation that works with a culturally diverse group of young people, mostly from Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs.

Among the projects that Newsboys Foundation helped fund was a new contemporary performance for the Melbourne Festival in October 2013. That performance piece, Urban Chamber — Beyond, was part of a collaborative project with 70 young people from Outer Urban Projects and Massive Hip Hop Choir.

In 2014-15, Newsboys is supporting a new Outer Urban Projects performance, which will also be a collaboration of more than 70 young people and organisations such as Melbourne Youth Music and Massive Hip Hop Choir.

OUP brings young people from diverse cultural, social and musical backgrounds together to learn from each other, push artistic boundaries and to create works that fuse classical, contemporary and choral music with dance.