Newsboys Foundation

Newsboys Foundation and SVP Melbourne to help young people stay in school

The Newsboys Foundation and Social Venture Partners Melbourne have joined forces for three years with the aim of helping 5000 young Victorians finish their education.

The two philanthropic organisations are backing Hands On Learning’s innovative education program which works to keep children in school by creating opportunities at school for young people to discover their talents and experience success.

“A staggering 10,000 vulnerable children are dropping out of Victorian high schools, training and apprenticeships every year, triggering fears of a generation lost in a world of future unemployment.”, Henrietta Cook, The Age, May 11 2014.

Hands on Learning is seeking to take its proven model to the next stage and sees the financial support from Newsboys and the capability skills from SVP as integral to that objective.

Over the past 16 years, Hands on Learning has helped more than 10,000 Victorian young people remain in school.

Multi-year grant funding for Hands on Learning has been approved by the Newsboys Foundation board and SVP is now working with Hands on Learning to develop the engagement and skills support plan for the next three years.

With their common areas of focus and shared philanthropic values, Newsboys and SVP Melbourne agreed they could amplify the impact of support for a non-profit many times over by joining forces. Combining the financial giving capacity of Newsboys, SVP will work closely with investees over a three-year period, providing these investees with access to the professional and business skills of its partners.

Newsboys Foundation CEO Sandy Shaw said:
“It is imperative that we get as many young people as possible engaged with their education so that they can have the chance to make the best life possible for themselves and to have a positive influence in their communities.”

SVP Partner, Catherina Toh said:
“This is an exciting opportunity for SVP Melbourne to work collaboratively with an established, well respected foundation and to have an impact well beyond what would be otherwise be possible given our current size.”

Hands On Learning Australia Executive Director Cam Wiseman said:
“Hands On Learning Australia is very grateful for the generous support of the Newsboys Foundation and Social Venture Partners to help transform more young lives. Our schools need more support to provide proven solutions to help keep at risk kids connected to school. The investment we make today will save society millions of dollars down the track. “

Newsboys started in 1893 as a club for newsboys, the children who sold newspapers on Melbourne’s streets, and became a foundation in 1973. Since becoming a foundation, it has provided grants to community organisations supporting young people aged 11 – 18 in Victoria who are facing disadvantage.

SVP Melbourne uses the engaged philanthropy model and works on building capacity in non-profits in Victoria with a focus on non-profits servicing disadvantaged children and young people through training and education.

Hands on Learning works to keep children in school by creating opportunities at school for young people to discover their talents and experience success.