Newsboys Foundation

Phunktional working with the Robinvale community

Newsboys Foundation has been a proud supporter of Phunktional since 2009. Phunktional engages young people in a range of creative arts activities that focus on education, inclusion, health and wellbeing.

With the support of Elders and the wider community, Phunktional has created a place-based project in Robinvale with young people.

This work engages young people in Robinvale who are at risk of disengaging from education. Young people are supported to express their ideas, with opportunities provided to create live theatre performances, short films and participation in creative arts workshops.

Phunktional’s work in Robinvale re-engages young people with school, work, and the wider community, providing support, role models, mentoring and strategies to deal with challenging issues.

Through the project, a feasibility report for Robinvale Performing Arts Centre has been completed.

The photos below capture the local community’s passion and support for the establishment of a Robinvale Youth Performing Arts Centre.